It all Happened Naturally
45 Years of Selling Victoria Real Estate

I have been active in real estate since my graduation from the University of Victoria with an honour’s BA degree in Political Science and Economics.

I joined my parents, Eric & Lorraine Ziegler, in the late 70’s right after university at the age of 22 and worked with both of them for the better part of 25 years. I had a fabulous working relationship with both of them – but I have to say it was my mother who was the “shining star”. Even today, she is remembered as larger than life real estate legend – and both Tristan and I are still working with 3rd generations of my mother’s clients.

Being from a real estate family I have always had a keen interest in the real estate profession which over the past 44 years has led to my involvement at all levels of Organized Real Estate: I currently sit as Chair of the Errors and Omissions Corporation of BC and am Past Chair of the Real Estate Council of BC and an Honorary Life Member and Past President of the Canadian Real Estate Association. I have also been a Director of the Victoria Real Estate Board, the Special Compensation Corporation of British Columbia and Managing Broker of Newport Realty for over 30 years. I am also proud to work closely with my son Tristan, as a family team. He has now been an associate for 11 years – with Multiple Sale awards to his credit certainly proving that he is as successful as his grandmother – seems real talent sometimes skips a generation!

Very active in the ARTS community, in particular with The Belfry Theatre where I have been on the Board of Directors as Vice President for the better part of 30 years, and currently sit as an Honourary Life Member.

My time in a Real Estate Leadership capacity has taken me to every province and territory in Canada, as well as internationally as a member of the World Federation of Real Estate – all of which confirms for me, how fortunate we are to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world.

I have happily lived in the same home and neighbourhood for over 45 years? A neighbourhood and area I know so well – which after all is, the foundation Knowledge that leads to a good investment. Investment, not only in Victoria Real Estate, but in our community and lifestyle.

I have to admit an addiction to TRAVEL – most of which these days takes place on two wheels. The list of countries and adventures is long and varied -and it would be wrong not to thank my parents, for providing me with wanderlust; and to acknowledge my many clients and friends for allowing me to combine my business with my pleasure.

Victoria is my home and I love it dearly!