Tristan Ziegler PREC*

I was born in Oak Bay to a two generation family in Victoria real estate: A respected Associate of Newport Realty Ltd and Luxury Real Estate: celebrating 13 years of Recognized Professional Service.


My formative years spent with my grandparents, Eric & Lorraine, were ones of watching and learning about Oak Bay real estate– as I saw them juggling family life with the demands of a real estate career. My Grandmother was a “keener” and never let any moss grow under her feet and is really a legend in the business and the community. Her love for life and her career seemed so intertwined that it was hard to know when she was working or having fun. As some have noted – “She worked, like some people sing – for the pure joy of it”. Her enthusiasm and love for life certainly had an impact on my choice of entering the Victoria Real Estate business. I am proud to be part of a tradition and follow in my grandmother’s steps.

As I grew up, I also saw how involved my father was in the professional side of the business and the high expectations and standards he brought to his work. I travelled with him when he was President of the Canadian Real Estate Association and had the good fortune to meet real estate leaders, while discovering Canada from coast to coast – as well as the international real estate community. I learned early how important a network of professionally successful partners, at the highest levels of the real estate world, bring us the clientele our clients expect locally and Internationally.


I joined my father at Newport Realty Ltd in 2008, first beginning as his assistant and through hard work and commitment earned the right to work with him as his partner and revive “THE ZIEGLERS” family working tradition. Over the years, in recognition of the hard work and support of our clients, I have been awarded the highest sales award the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) bestows – MLS GOLD AWARD ® (an award reserved for those achieving a sales volume in the top 10% of all REALTORs® in Victoria). As one of the top associates at Newport Realty I am very proud of this accomplishment!



I believe in the value of Victoria Real Estate and made the choice to invest in a home at the first opportunity – which I did in 2005 when I bought my first home in Victoria’s Fernwood neighbourhood. Since then I have continued to take the advice I give our clients and invest in our fabulous Victoria community – as Lorraine would say “There is never a bad time to buy Real Estate – only a bad time to sell”

My parents are avid travelers and I am happy to say I come by it naturally – partly as a result of our family taking the year off in 1994 and traveling the world. I think the experience gave me a well-rounded outlook of the world beyond our shores and allowed me to see how fortunate I am to live, and work, in such a beautiful and safe place – something very relevant in today’s world. I can, with personal knowledge, speak to how blessed we truly are to live here in Victoria.

I love the outdoors and the adventure it offers – the ocean, the islands and Mountains. I have been a Sailing/Power Boat member of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club since 1995 – and am partners in a family “off the grid’ water access only Gulf Island – where we are totally self-sufficient. Depending on Solar Power, Rain Collection and a healthy dose of “self-reliance” – is a great education, and a character builder – something my wife and I are keen to pass on to our twins.

We are a Victorian family: my wife, children and I – born here, grew up here, live, work and invest here. These unique qualities allow me to provide an informed professional service – steeped in local knowledge and personal experience.

(And by the way, don’t tell anyone …but I am an avid gardener!)

Thank you.

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